Flat Green

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Pace of the green
See fast green and slow green.

Pace or weight
The amount of force with which the bowl is delivered to execute a particular shot.

Two players against two, each using four bowls for a period of twenty-one ends. Their position in order of play: lead and then skip.

This may be awarded by the umpire when, for example, a player has been foot faulted in delivering his bowl. The umpire could also declare the bowl to be dead.

Plant shot
When a player bowls his bowl to strike other bowls which could be in line, in order to gain his objective.

Promote this bowl
An instruction to a bowler to play his bowl onto a bowl belonging to his side, so that the bowl that was stationary is persued closer to the objective.

Push and rest
The bowling of a bowl with sufficient pace or weight that it pushes a bowl from its position, so that the position is taken by the last bowl delivered.