Flat Green

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Take it out
An instruction to a bowler to bowl with sufficient pace to push an opponent's bowl away.

Taking green or land
On forehand or backhand, the bowler bowls to the shoulder so that his bowl will curve and come to rest as near as possible to the point he desires.

A position in a game of fours. He will deputize for his skip in certain circumstances, and could be responsible for measuring.

Tied end
When the nearest bowls of both sides are exactly the same distance from the jack at the completion of the end (e.g. when both have a bowl actually touching the jack). Neither side scores but it is a completed end and is entered on the scorecard.

A bowl which during its course has touched the jack.

Toucher in the ditch
A toucher (see below) which has fallen into the ditch. This is a 'live' bowl, unless it has come to rest outside the confines of the rink.

Toucher on the green
A bowl which, during its course, has touched the jack, or a bowl which has come to rest and falls over to touch the jack before the next bowl is delivered, or a bowl that is the last to be delivered and falls and touches the jack within the period of half a minute. All the above will be marked with a chalk mark.

Trail the jack
To play a bowl in order to move the jack to another position on the rink.

Three players against three, each using three bowls for a playing period of 18 ends. Their positions in order of play: lead, second and skip.