Flat Green

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The person, in a match between teams or sides, who is responsible for keeping the current scores on the master score-board.

Second bowl
The bowl which finishes closest to the jack, other than the shot bowl.

Second or number two
The player who plays after the lead in a game of fours or triples. He marks the score-card and keeps the score-board up to date.

Short bowl
A bowl that has not been delivered with sufficient pace to reach its objective.

Short jack
A jack that is at the shortest distance allowed from the front edge of the mat, or close to this limit.

The bowl that finishes nearest to the jack at any stage of play.

Shoulder of the green
That point on the green where the bowl begins to curve inwards towards its objective.

Side or team
An agreed number of players whose combined scores determine the result of a match.

One player against one player, each using four bowls.

The captain of a game of fours, triples or pairs. He is last to bowl and is responsible for dictating the tactics of the game.

Slow or heavy green
Where the surface offers some greater resistance to the progress of the bowl.

Split these bowls
An instruction to the bowler to bowl a bowl of sufficient pace that it forces apart other bowls, and has enough momentum to carry on beyond that point.

The position adopted by the bowler on the mat, prior to delivery.

Normally a green 'string' drawn tightly along the green to define the boundaries of the rink.