Panteg Park Bowls Club

Panteg Park Bowls Club

Panteg Park Bowls Club was established in 1927 and the green is located at the Fishponds Park, Cwrdy Road, Griffithstown NP4 5LX. We are affiliated to the WBA, MBA, and EVBA and we can also accommodate friendlies as required. We are Currently in division 3 of the Monmouthshire Bowling Association League, and play mid week matches in the EVBA league.

We are a very proud and friendly club and operate with a small but dedicated membership and would welcome every one of all ages to join the club, either experienced bowlers or those who wish to take up the game. No experience is required and all current members would be more than happy to assist anyone who required help or tuition.

Panteg Park Bowls Club are also very proud and honoured to have as a long standing member Roger Jones, who won the Welsh National Open Singles Championship in 2008 and the British Isles Championship in 2009 which was held in Ireland. Also Welsh International 2012.

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