Penyrheol Bowling Club

Penyrheol Bowling Club

Penyrheol Bowling Club currently has 43 members of which 37 are playing members and is based at Aneurin Park, Heol Aneurin, Penyrheol, Caerphilly, CF83 2PG. We field 2 male teams who both play in the Rhymney Valley League and the Cardiff Municipal League. The club is always on the lookout for new members and will extend a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to join.

Club History

Penyrheol Bowls Club was founded on 18th May 1966 with its base at the council run bowling green in Penyrheol park. Founder members included Mordecai Davies, B Elliot, Gwyn Gibby, J Hughes, Ken Jones, Peter Lamorte, Les Lloyd, Derek Oxley, Dave Purnell, Gwyn Roberts, B Ware, D Venn and D Yates. First Officers were – Chairman : Gwyn Roberts; Secretary : M Davies; Treasurer : Derek Oxley; and President : Sinclair Davies. Membership fees in those days were 10 Shillings with 5 Shillings for OAPs.

In the November of that first year the club joined the Welsh Bowling Association and East Glamorgan Bowling Association and in 1967 introduced the first club competitions, namely the Championship Singles and Pairs. Entry fees for these competitions were 1 Shilling and 6 pence for OAPs.
Further competitions were introduced namely the Handicap Singles in 1975, the Lancastrian Cup (2 wood singles) in 1978, the Woolwich Cup (triples) in 1983 and the 2 Wood Pairs in 1988.

Increased membership led to a second team being formed in 1990, its first captain being Mike Fortune.
In 1992 the Club was presented with the Community Cup and instigated an annual rinks competition for the trophy. Following that in 1993 the Dummy Club singles competition was introduced all shots within 1 yard counting. The last competition to be set up in 2002 was the Novices Cup again a singles competition that is open to members who have not won any other singles competition.

All tournaments are played throughout the season with finals held at the end of the season. Winning finalists are presented with the appropriate trophy and a cut glass and plinth inscribed with the competition and year. Runners up receive a smaller cut glass and inscribed plinth.

The club currently has 46 members and continues to run 2 teams, the first team being selected purely on merit. To ensure the Club remains inclusive for all members, the second team is selected on both an availability and a rota basis, this means all members of whatever ability are guaranteed an equal share of games. Both teams play in the Rhymney Valley League on Wednesday evenings and the Cardiff Municipal League on a Saturday afternoon.

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