Acle St. Edmunds Bowls Club

cle St.Edmunds Bowls Club

Acle St. Edmunds is one of Norfolk’s most successful outdoor Bowls Clubs. We have teams in several leagues and knockout competitions headed by our men’s ‘A’ team who play in the Norfolk EBA Premier League.

History of Acle St. Edmunds Bowls Club

The Club was formed in 1920 and played on the Rectory Lawn. Its members were known as ‘The Holy Boys’. In 1935, Mr. Dunnell used his own mower to cut the green whilst the clubs mower was broken, and at the A.G.M., he was awarded 100 cigarettes for his kindness.

In 1940, the membership fee was 10 shillings (50p), but by 1943, it had been raised to 12 shillings and sixpence (62½p). On the 15th, 18th and 22nd May 1943, competitions were held for ‘Wings for Victory Week’. In 1948, it was agreed that the club should purchase a new mower at a cost of £70/3s/6d.

At the A.G.M. in April 1955, it was agreed to form a Ladies section within the club. At that same meeting, it was agreed to close the meeting early, as there was a good programme on the TV that night. In 1956, Mr. R Shingles presented the club with a Silver Cup, to be played for annually, and is still played for today.

Over the years, the club has moved to a number of locations within Acle, moving to its current location at Acle War Memorial Recreation Centre in 1977. Success has led to success, and in recent years the club has become one of Norfolk’s leading clubs.

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