Bracknell Bowling Club

Bracknell Bowling Club

The Club was formed in the late 1890s and by the early 1900s was situated in Rochdale Road adjacent to Bracknell Bowling Club.

After the compulsory purchase order by Bracknell Development Corporation and the subsequent amalgamation with the Bracknell Bowling Club, the combined Club moved to its present premises in Church Road in 1972 with a 100 year lease from the Development Corporation.

It was still essentially a mans club with women being associate members. However in 1974 an AGM agreed that women would be members on an equal footing with men. Since the original move a second story has been built giving a function room and additional space for changing rooms. The freehold was bought in 1993 to ensure the continuity of the club in its present prime position.

The club house has extensive facilities including Cribbage,Darts,Pool, 3 Snooker Tables, and Indoor Bowling (Short mats) for the winter months. There are regular quiz nights, with weekend entertainment including live music, comedy and much more. Please check for times/dates and we also have TV with all the ESPN pay-per-view football matches!

Bracknell Bowls Club prides itself on making new members welcome and encourages them in every way possible. For members new to bowls coaching sessions are organised at the beginning of the season and have their own tournament to enable the winning lady and man to take part in the Novice Singles Finals Weekend in August.

Everyone is encouraged to play in the interclub friendly matches which take place most Saturday and Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. We have club night every Monday. Regardless of whether you are a new or experienced bowler, taking part in our interclub friendly matches and our club roll-up sessions will enable you to meet and get to know many of our existing club members and greatly enhance the enjoyment of being part of Bracknell Bowling Club.

Additionally, our men play in the Kennet League Divisions 1 or 2 in the evenings, and in Divisions 1, 2, or 3 in the afternoons. Our ladies play in the Thames Valley League and in divison 1 or 2. All players are welcome to apply to play. We compete in all the county competitions and have a very successful record.

Whatever your ability – there is something for everyone!

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