Broadstone Wessex Bowling Club

Broadstone Wessex Bowling Club

Welcome to the Broadstone Wessex Bowling Club located on the corner of Dunyeats Road and Laurel Drive, Dorset.

Short Mat Bowls

The Short Mat Bowls is a popular Section, which is run during the winter months only, and is a means of keeping in touch after the Outdoor season has finished. We run 3 teams in the Short Mat Dorset League playing under the names of Broadstone Buzzard’s, Broadstone Hawkes and Broadstone Kites.

The League teams are made up of a 4’s and a Triples rink and are played on various evenings and some Sunday afternoons during the season.


The Wessex Bowling Club was founded in 1930 but it is not generally known that there was in fact a Bowling Club in existence in Broadstone as early as 1923. This bowling club known as Broadstone Bowling Club had a three rink green and was situated in the Recreation Ground close by to the current club.

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