Bromley Bowling Club

Bromley Bowling Club

The Bromley Bowling Club is the oldest bowling club in the London Borough of Bromley and has provided a focal point for sporting activities within the community for over 127 years. Bromley were the winners of “The Private Clubs League” and were unbeaten in eleven matches. In The Ron Ault Trophy final the BBC were runners up to Eltham.

In the North West Kent Leagues The “A” team were demoted to division Three and The “B” Team were able to retain their position in Division Two.

Bromley B.C. were the National Champions in 2013 having won “The Tony Allcock” trophy at Worthing. This resulted in a cheque for £1,000 for BBC Club Funds. The men in this team will represent England at Leamington-Spa in July 2014 in The British Isles Championship.

The four ladies represented England against Wales in Les Creux B.C (Jersey C.I.) in June 2014 in The Senior fours of The British Isles Championships.

We continue have some the best facilities in the County and our Green has been refurbished during the close season 2015-2016 is was recognised both by Bowls England and the K.C.B.A.

The club currently has 74 men, 35 lady playing members and 39 Social members. In The knock-out competitions of the LX we were losing finalists and fifth in the League.

A mixed aggregate competition was be run on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the season; these were afternoon sessions & commenced at 2 p.m. The eventual winners played on Finals Day for The Taylor Bowl.

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