Scarborough Bowls Centre

The Centre’s name came from Princess Alexandra, who opened a number of tourist attractions in Scarborough at the turn of the century including the nearby Peasholm Park. The Centre was managed by Scarborough Borough Council but by 2001 the future of indoor bowling in the area looked bleak, especially when a change in the the use of the building was considered.

Keen local bowlers then decided to form a new charitable company, ‘Scarborough Indoor Bowls Centre Ltd’ specifically to lease the Centre from the Council and manage it themselves.under construction
Backed by the Council, the new company spent over £100,000 on the Centre to bring it up to the highest international standards.

The project included the installation of a new laser-levelled green, a completely new ceiling incorporating dazzle free lighting and significant modifications to the heating and ventilation system. With the work completed the Bowls Centre was officially re-opened on Saturday 27th September 2003, when two International Champions, Andy Thompson and Amy Monkhouse played demonstration matches against local champions in front of an invited audience.

The Deputy Mayor and Mayoress, Councillor and Mrs Herbert Tindall, officially opened the Bowls Centre when they presented keys to the youngest member of the Scarborough Indoor Bowls Club, 10-year old Natalie Devonshire and the oldest member 89 year old Jim Hazell.

Club Facilities

The Centre boasts eight indoor rinks of world-class standard, after a major refurbishment in 2003 which included the installation of a laser-levelled green as well as glare-free lighting.

The Scarborough Bowls Centre is unique in also offering two outdoor crown greens in the adjacent Alexandra Gardens, on which is held the annual Gambart Baines Challenge Trophy.

There is full disabled access to ALL facilities at the Scarborough Bowls Centre. Special buggies are available that can be used on the green.

A visually handicapped section meets weekly and are helped by the use of walkie talkie sets and brightly coloured bowls, sponsored by the Northern Co-operative Society.

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